People’s Association Community Spirit Awards 2011 (Partners of Community Development Councils) – Excellence Award

  The objective of the PACS Awards is to recognise organisations which have supported the People's Association and its grassroots organisations, Community Development Councils and grassroot leaders in reaching out to the community and bringing people together to build greater social capital.

Singapore Packaging STAR Award (New Moon) - 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010 & Singapore Packaging STAR Award (Borsch Med) 2008


A national endorsement of good packaging production and packaging design.

The Singapore Packaging Star Award is a prestigious national award given to innovative and creative designs with quality finished products and packaging. It recognises and rewards excellence in packaging, in construction and materials usage, design, innovation technology and incorporating of environment considerations.

The Singapore Packaging Star Award 2004 is organised and promoted by the Packaging Council of Singapore (PCS), a full member of the Asian Packaging Federation (APF) with affiliation to the World Packaging Organisation (WPO). SINGAPORE STAR is open to all packages for retail products and industrial products.

Sales and Display Products
Food & beverage, pharmaceutical, household, computer, computer-related hardware and software chemicals, stationery, computer-based and peripherals, telephone, radio and any other related products.

Sales and Display Entry
• Innovation
• Graphic Appeal
• Product Protection
• Display Attractiveness
• Functionality/Convenience to the user
• Environmental Performance
• Overall Impression

Years awarded:
• New Moon Soup Labels
• New Moon Chinese New Year Premium Gift Set
• New Moon Abalone Yusheng
• New Moon Premium 2s Gift Set
• New Moon Super Premium Gift Set
• New Moon Fire Cracker Gift Set
• Borsch Med Plaster
• Borsch Med TCM Product PR Kit
• Hamper Box
• Chinese New Year 10 Gift Set Series - Hana and Pussy Willow

Enterprise 50 Award - 2002, 2003, 2008


Enterprise 50 is the inaugural list of Singapore's 50 most enterprising privately-held local companies. Enterprise 50 recognises local, privately-held companies who played a vital contributory role in Singapore's economy. The companies are being recognised for their vision, entrepreneurship and determination which helped provide the second wing of economic development to drive Singapore's economy towards the status of a developed nation.

The companies' rankings are based on weighted averages of selected performance indicators such as operating profit before tax, turnover, and profit growth over the last 4 years.

As a first time participant in 2002, Goh Joo Hin Pte Ltd is unanimously listed into the prestigous Enterprise 50 League. The Company's revenue is estimated to be 25% more as compared to the year before. As much as 85% of the generated revenue is derived from the Food and Beverages Department. The arrays of canned food products (280 in all) are being distributed to more than 3000 shops/stalls/supermarkets/hypermarkets. The remaining 15% of revenue sources from the I.T. Department.

In the Enterprise 50 Awards 2003, Goh Joo Hin Pte Ltd is honoured to be listed at position number 8, a great leap in improvement from being ranked in at 50th in 2002.

Asia Star Award (New Moon) - 2005, 2006, 2007 & Asia Star Award (Borsch Med) - 2008


Asian Packaging Federation (APF) The APF, a non-profit organization, established in Tokyo, Japan in 1967, unites the packaging interests of all trade and industries in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond, under one cooperative umbrella.

Enter the Asian Packaging Oscars:
AsiaStar Winning an international competition brings prestige to every organization. AsiaStar is the only regional packaging award anywhere in Asia – as such it is The Packaging Oscars of Asia.

The Benefits of AsiaStar Since each AsiaStar entry is a National Award Winner, an AsiaStar Award Winner is recognized regionally as ‘the best of the best’ in Asia.
• All AsiaStar winners will receive a magnificent engraved glass trophy and a packaging excellence certificate.
• All AsiaStar winner designers will also receive a packaging excellence certificate. This is to recognize that package production is not a solo effort.
• All AsiaStar winners will have the right to prominently display the AsiaStar logo to benefit their business.
• All AsiaStar winners will be featured in an AsiaStar Winners Trophy Book and receive 10 copies to distribute as part of a PR campaign.
(Additional duplicate trophies and booklets can be ordered separately at a nominal charge.)

To ensure that entries represent the highest quality of packaging.
AsiaStar entries must be a winner at a national packaging-related award in their country. No package which has been entered for any previous AsiaStar competition will be reconsidered. All entries should be sent through Executive Member of APF member countries.
For intellectual property reasons, each entry must NOT carry any commercial trademark on the package, unless it is accompanied by a letter of authorization from the brand or trademark owner.

Years awarded:
• New Moon Chinese New Year Premium Gift Set
• New Moon Abalone Yusheng
• New Moon Super Premium Gift Set
• New Moon Fire Cracker Gift Set
• Borsch Med Plaster (Media Kit)
• Borsch Med TCM Products (Media Kit)

Singapore HEALTH Award (Bronze) - 2006 & 2008

  In today's competitive business environment, your organisation's productivity, performance and success are increasingly dependent on the health and wellbeing of your employees.

The Singapore HEALTH (Helping Employees Achieve Life-Time Health) Award is presented by the Health Promotion Board to give national recognition to organisations with commendable Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) programmes. It is an important way of showing appreciation to organisations that strive to help their employees lead healthy and vibrant lives. The award is open to all private and public organisations.

The Singapore HEALTH Award is presented to organisations with WHP programmes to improve employee health and wellbeing. To accord due recognition to SMEs who have embarked on their workplace health journey, the Singapore HEALTH Award is also presented to SMEs with WHP programmes to improve employee health and wellbeing. The award has four categories: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Note: SMEs are companies which are registered or incorporated in Singapore with at least 30% local shareholding; have group fixed assets below $15 million; and have no more than 200 employees (if the company is in the services sector).

SPBA - Silver Award (Mili) 2003, 2004, 2005 & Silver Award (New Moon) 2003, 2004 & Distinctive Award (New Moon) 2005 & Heritage Brand Award (New Moon)


Singapore Promising Brand Award (SPBA) 2003, 2004 & 2005 is the recognition of the excellence of Singapore's brands. The award, running into its second year, is jointly organized by The Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Lianhe Zaobao.

The objective of this award is to give recognition to the branding efforts of local SMEs.

All the nominees had to go through a stringent judging process which included brand proposal submissions, interviews with the management, and further adjudication by its panel of professional judges. They are being assessed in 4 main areas which are :

1) Brand Strategy / Identity
2) Brand Culture
3) Integrated Brand Communications
4) Brand Equity

There were a total of 20 brands that were awarded and in them, 2 brands were from Goh Joo Hin Pte Ltd - New Moon and Mili brands. Goh Joo Hin Pte Ltd is the only company having 2 of its brands being awarded for 2 consecutive yearss.

New Moon Brand is a canned food product line and it focuses on the platform of exotic seafood choices. The product range includes abalone, other shellfish, soups and sauces. According to an AC Nielson Survey conducted between 1999 to 2011, New Moon is the Number One best selling abalone brand in Singapore for five consecutive years.

The Mili brand is also a canned food product line that carries 5 broad product categories namely Vegetables, Fruits, Vegetarian, Meat and Soups. Mili has a dynamic and broad brand protfolio and architecture that is responsive to the busy lifestyle and constantly changing needs of today's consumers.

New Moon was awarded the Singapore Promising Brand (Distinctive Award) and Heritage Brand Award in 2005.

SuperBrands Singapore (New Moon) - 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 & SuperBrands Singapore (Mili) - 2004, 2005 & SuperBrands Malaysia (New Moon) - 2004


Superbrands, which has a 12-year history and a presence in 16 countries, serves as an independent gauge of branding. It sets benchmarks for brand development and positioning by identifying the top brands internationally and in domestic markets. The superbrands council, an independent arbiter of branding based its judging of the nominees on :

1) Market Dominance
2) Logevity
3) Goodwill
4) Customer Loyalty
5) Overall Market Acceptance

By scoring at least 7 out of 10 points across the 5 categories is what elevates a brand into a 'superbrand'.

In the Superbrands Award (Singapore) 2004/2005, there were more than 100 brands awarded and of them, the New Moon and Mili Brand distributed by Goh Joo Hin Pte Ltd.

New Moon is a name that is synonymous with premium quality and reliability. Its products are the best in Singapore and has become so through the company's ability to not only meet the high standards of taste and freshness but also its expertise in maintaining a history of prompt and reliable service in the international and local markets.

New Moon's success in the international arena is reinforced by a commitment to providing comprehensive customer service through rapid sourcing power, the ability to respond immediately with prompt delivery and its guarantee on all its products.

Trust and loyalty form the essence of its basic business philosophy and in line with its continued efforts to improve and modernise, the company plans to expand further to meet the continued demand and to provide better service to its customers.

The Mili brand is also a canned food product line that carries 5 broad product categories namely Vegetables, Fruits, Vegetarian, Meat and Soups. Mili has a dynamic and broad brand protfolio and architecture that is responsive to the busy lifestyle and constantly changing needs of today's consumers.

Rotary-ASME Entrepreneur of the Year 2003 - Mr Goh Kai Kui


As of 2003, the Entrepreneur of the Year Award is in its 15th successful year in collaboration between the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises and The Rotary Club of Singapore. For many entrepreneurs, this Award has served as a mark of recognition for their risk-taking endeavors.

The Award has continued to stay relevant with the latest business practices and trends. 2003 saw the introduction of corporate governance to the judging criteria. The candidates had demonstrated a heightened level of business resilience and gagility in the face of recent volatile socio-economic times.

CEO Mr Goh Kai Kui took over the helm of Goh Joo Hin Pte Ltd. Under his leadership, the company transformed the company from a traditional commodity trader into a company that is recognised for its strong brand equity in the key products that it distributes namely, New Moon and Mili. - Adapted from The Entrepreneur of the Year - A Rotary-ASME Award Publication

Congratulations to our CEO, Mr Goh Kai Kui, on being awarded Top 11 Entrepreneur of the Year 2003, A Rotary-ASME Award

No. 1 Best-Selling Abalone Brand in Singapore (1999-2011)


From 1999 to 2011, New Moon Abalone has been the Number 1* Best Selling Abalone Brand in Singapore as reflected by findings from research conducted by Nielson - The global leader in market research, information and analysis.

Excerpts from the findings include "New Moon is undoubtedly the best selling brand of canned abalone... leaving all other brands at a distant second," and "New Moon continues to dominate top-of-mind awareness amongst brands of canned abalone."

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all consumers and clients for your continued faith and support for New Moon.

No. 1 Best-Selling Frozen Otah Brand in Singapore (2011)

  Results from a Nielsen study conducted in 2011 show New Moon Premium Muar Otah as the best selling Singapore brand of frozen otah. The results shows how New Moon strives to be No. 1 in all its categories and fulfill its brand vision of bringing top quality products to all consumers.

New Moon expresses her sincere and utmost gratitude to all for their continuous support, and promises to strive for excellence in order not to disapppoint.

No. 1 Best-Selling Canned Shark's Fin Soup in Singapore (2003 & 2004)

  Results from a Nielsen study conducted in 2003 and 2004 show New Moon Canned Shark's Fin Soup as the best selling Singapore brand of canned Shark's Fin soups. The results shows how New Moon strives to be No. 1 in all its categories and fulfill its brand vision of bringing top quality products to all consumers.

New Moon expresses her sincere and utmost gratitude to all for their continuous support, and promises to strive for excellence in order not to disapppoint.

No. 1 Best-Selling Mushroom Brand in Singapore (2003)


Results from a ACNielsen study conducted in 2003 show Mili Whole Mushrooms as the best selling Singapore brand of whole mushrooms. This result further confirms and reassures Mili's brand mission to be a trusted and helpful humble cooking companion to all families.

Mili expresses her sincere and utmost gratitude to all for their continuous support, and promises to strive for excellence in order not to disapppoint.

Singapore Press Holdings Awards 2002 - Newspaper Advertisement of the Year


"Individuality always leaves a lasting impression.

Fine works of creativity are defined by their unique appeal. They overwhelm your mind, touch your heart and thrill you. And they capture your attention.

In the ensuing pages, we pay a tribute to the advertisements that epitomise such impressive qualities: advertisements that have distinctly stood out in our stable of SPH newspapers, repeatedly demonstrating the relevance and effectiveness of newspaper advertising.

We are proud that our publications have challenged the creators of these gems and their clients to think out of the box, thus turning the electrifying use of language, art, colour and space into a unique selling proposition."

- Adapted from Best Newspaper Advertisements 2002 by Singapore Press Holdings

First being chosen as one of the ads of the month listing in advine - a monthly publication of the marketing division, Singapore Press Holdings, the advertisement went on to being one of the many advertisements chosen in 2002 by Singapore Press Holdings to be labelled a "best newspaper advertisement."

Advine cited the creative rationale behind the advertisement as follows : "Who better than Channel U star Kym Ng to give us the tastiest scoops on good food and great value? She has personal experience of buying New Moon - the nation's #1 selling abalone brand for three consecutive years.". New Moon has since gone on to being the nation's #1 selling abalone brand for 13 years to date, 2011.

New Zealand Export Award - 1999


Organised by the New Zealand Trade and Development Board, the award recognises outstanding achievement and growth by New Zealand exporters in international markets. To enter, the companies must have been exporting for more than three years, have foreign exchange earnings of at least $500,000 in the last financial year, and minimum 20% year on year growth.

Prepared Foods was presented with a Trade New Zealand Export commendation by the Prime Minister, Jenny Shipley, in 1999. Prepared Foods' core business is canned abalone with is exported to Asia. Attribution of the award to the company is due partially to Goh Joo Hin Pte Ltd's high volume orders for canned abalone from the company.

Spirit of Enterprise - Sponsorship for book and CD for Entrepreneurial classes

  Spirit of Enterprise is a Singaporean non-profit organisation that promotes the entrepreneurial spirit characterised by its motto "to honour and inspire." It carries out multiple projects all aimed at pointing out the dignity of a person running their own business - no matter how humble and inspire others to do likewise.

This book highlights some of the colourful and interesting nominees who are building businesses with an indomitable spirit that keeps them going no matter what the obstacles are. They give advice and tell stories. Some of the advice contradicts what another has given, which points out one of the key characteristics of these men and women. Go your own way. Create your company in your vision and dream. Those dreams may be simple or they may stretch as high and far as the spirit behind it.

Acknowledged by the publication, "A special note of thanks to (CEO) Goh Kai Kui of Goh Joo Hin Pte Ltd whose spontaneous generosity makes possible the complimentary distribution of this book to our budding entrepreneurs at various tertiary institutions"

- Excerpts from the publication, Singapore's Homegrown Entrepreneurs tell you how to do it by Russel R. Miller

View Spirit of Enterprise's website here

Branding for Success - Book


With the increasing number of homegrown brands becoming established household names, achieving this esteemed mark of success is certainly a significant milestone in the branding journey of any local brand.

A brand is an enterprise's soul. as well as the unique impression that an enterprise, product or service gives to the market. Establishing a brand not only requires much efforts, but is also a continuous process.

The Singapore Promising Brand Award, organised by the Association of Small & Medium Enterprises and Lianhe Zaobao, is the best platform for promoting local brands.

This book reveals the touching story of the helmsman behind every successful brand.

View Singapore Promising Brand Award's website here

Superbrands Volume II - Book

  Established in 1994, Superbrands is the world's leading by invitation only brand promotional platform and is today established in more than 80 countries around the world.

The aim of the Superbrands organisation is to raise the awareness of and promote the discipline of branding, as well as to celebrate the success of leading international and local brands.

Participation in Superbrands programmes is strictly by invitation only. Eligible brands are identified by an independent consumer survey or evaluated by an expert panel of marketing, advertising and branding professionals.

This book explores the history, development and achievements of many of the strongest brands in Singapore and the world, augmented by the experts insights of the Singapore Superbrands Council - some of the most respected people in Singapore's media, marketing and communication industry.

View Superbrands Singapore's website here

The Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Keris Award Book of Records 2002-2010 - Book


In this commercialized society where deceits and frauds have tremendously impeded the comprehensive development of the entire industry, honesty of an enterprise has become increasingly important.

Honesty represents the operating and managing style of an enterprise, its reputation as well as public image in the market. It is also a vital indicator when entrepreneurs choose their strategic partners or when consumers make their purchasing decisions. We look forward to building up an "Asia Pacific Honesty Enterprise Community", which will definitely benefit honest entrepreneurs.

The book showcases companies who have been awarded the honour and to promote the reformation, renovation and computerization of pioneering enterprises so as to encourage the development and progress of other enterprises, enhance and promote the collaboration, information exchange and cooperation among enterprises within the Asia Pacific region.

View Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Keris Award's website here

Community Contribution - The Lions Home for the Elders

  In 1977, The Lions Home for the Elders was developed and established at a HDB void deck at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10. With 18 beds, the Home was one of the first non-profit sanctuaries built by a service organisation and dedicated to providing shelter for the elder destitute. Seven years later, the Lions Clubs in Singapore responded to the Government's call for voluntary service organisations to build and operate Homes by establishing the Lions Nursing Home. Renovated from a World War II bunker, the Home at Toa Payoh Rise officially opened in November 1985 with a capacity for 45 elderly sick residents needing nursing care In response to the growing need of the aged in Singapore, the Lions, with the help of the Government, raised the necessary funds to build a new Home at Bedok. The cost of building this Home was a massive S$12 million.

In March 1997, the Lions Home for the Elders became operational at its new premises. Located at the junction of Bedok South Road and Bedok South Avenue 2, the Bedok Home can accommodate up to 160 residents in need of nursing care.

On 16 November 1997, the Lions Home for the Elders was officially opened by Mr Yeo Cheow Tong, Minister for Health and the Environment.

Goh Joo Hin is proud to have made a contribution towards this worthy cause.

Community Contribution - National Kidney Foundation Singapore

  The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) is the largest charitable organisation in Singapore. Established in 1969, they rely entirely on the goodwill of the Singapore public to run their life-saving programmes. In 1987, they established the world's first publicly-funded subsidised dialysis programme. Today, they have grown to become the single largest not-for-profit dialysis provider in the world. Their medial outcomes are outstanding and comparable to the world's best.

The NKF raises more than US$35 million a year in donations. With a total population of only 4 million Singaporeans, the NKF has had to develop and maintain strong relationship building programmes with its donors to continuously nurture and retain the support of the public. As a result, the NKF generates high donations whereby nearly two out of every three Singaporeans donate to the Foundation with a per capita contribution of US$16 from each citizen in the Country.

Goh Joo Hin Pte Ltd has also done its part by donating to the Foundation. A monetary contribution was made by the company in support of dialysis for elderly patients.

Contribution of Canned Products - Ju Eng Home for Senior Citizens

  Ju Eng Home for Senior Citizens (JEH) was officially opened on 28 September 1996 by Brig. Gen. (NS) George Yeo, then Minister of Health. The Home now accomodates a total of 314 residents.

Ju Eng Home aims to help the poor and destitute, the aged and frail elderly by providing day care and rehabilitation programmes. Most of these are from lower-income famlies, with only 10% of residents being able to afford nursing care.

Goh Joo Hin Pte Ltd makes weekly contributions of canned food to support the home's operations in a bid to repay her debts to society, as believed by Chairman Mr Goh Kai Kia. He believes that "if you can do something meaningful while you're still alive and it happens to be something you enjoy, like social work, why not do it?"

Vertical Marathon 2004 - Participation and donation towards Spastic Children's Association of Singapore

  The Vertical Marathon was held on November 7, 2004 by Swissotel The Stamford, Southeast Asia's tallest hotel. Participants were required to scale 73 storeys up the hotel stairwell totaling 1,336 steps with a total vertical distance of 226 metres, at the shortest possible time.

This year's marathon became more exciting with the addition of another category to the race - the Celebrities' Charity Race! Kym Ng, an ambassador for New Moon products, participated in the Celebrities' Race to promote the worthy cause of raising funds for Swissotel The Stamford's adopted charity - Spastic Children's Association of Singapore.

"This is the first time that I am putting my stamina to test by climbing up so many steps at one go. I am looking forward to taking part in the race since it is for a good cause and the children from the Spastic Children's Association of Singapore will benefit from the funds raised from this event," said Kym.

Goh Joo Hin Pte Ltd is pleased to be part of the Vertical Marathon 2004, and donated $5,000 towards the Spastic Children's Association of Singapore.

Social Project to support the nurses at Tan Tock Seng Hospital for the fight against SARS

  In support and as a gesture of gratitude to the healthcare personnel who were at the frontline in the battle against SARS at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Goh Joo Hin Pte Ltd commissioned the production of over 2000 sets of a specially designed EZ-Link cards as gifts for these personnel.

In the words of GJH's CEO Mr Goh Kai Kui, the gesture was meant to signify that these personnel were not alone in the battle against the disease, and that they had the support of Singapore.

The pink rose imprinted on the card represents gratitude towards the healthcare personnel; the rose embodies warmth and sincerity, the same sentiments of the healthcare personnel in their care and soothing the frayed nerves of the patients.

The card reads, "To all the healthcare personnel of Tan Tock Seng Hospital, We, Thank You.

Community Contribution - Ren Ci Hospital & Medicare Centre

  Established as a charity in 1994, Ren Ci Hospital & Medicare Centre provides medical, nursing, para-medical services, psycho-social support and counseling to 444 warded patients, regardless of religion, race or background.

ISO certified, Ren Ci is one of few charities in Singapore, which renders quality comprehensive step down and integrated health care for the community. This encompasses our Chronic Sick Hospitals, Nursing Home, Domiciliary Care, Acupuncture & Physiotherapy Clinic and Day Care Centres for the Elderly.

Goh Joo Hin Pte Ltd is proud to include Ren Ci Hospital & Medicare Centre as one of GJH's adopted Charity organizations for 2005.

Assembling the World's Largest Rice Dumpling - A Guinness World Record Attempt - Charity event in support for METTA Welfare Association

  It was certainly no mean feat - getting so many people together for a Guinness World Record attempt to form the world's largest display of rice dumplings. Our aim was to try to break the existing record held by a Hong kong-based company for 10,102 rice dumplings.

We found willing partners in Jurong Junior College (JJC) students, whom together with their Physics Head, Mr Yong Kek Shoong, decided to help us in devising a plan to build the world's largest rice dumplings display. The Mili brand, which recently won Singapore's Promising Brand Award for Goh Joo Hin Pte Ltd, a leading food and beverage, healthcare products and IT and audio products company, sponsored a ready supply of canned mushrooms which went into goodie bags given out to the public when they purchased a $5 coupon to adopt a rice dumpling.

The Racial and Religious Unity Steering Commitee in Central Singapore District (TRUST Central) provided funding for the record attempt which we used to buy tens of thousands of 'khee' rice dumplings and to produce marketing collaterals. We even managed to get professional audit services sponsored by Smalley & Co, whose auditors kindly audited the number of rice dumplings.

JJC students with some Metta staff flooded the streets of Orchard during the weekend of 12-14 July to sell coupons. We also set up stall at the Central CDC's racial harmony event, 'Celebrating the Singapore Rojak' held at Orchard Park. The student volunteers did a roaring business selling adoption tickets and giving away goodie bags. The other students formed a core team and smaller sub-teams to sort the thousands of dumplings. Thanks to Orchard Parade Hotel, the students were given free accomodation and were able to embark on their Guinness World attempt in the early hours of Sunday morning. The auditors followed their whole-day efforts closing, and studiously counted each dumpling that was to form part of the structure.

"It was a most fulfilling and enriching time for my student and I as we discussed how to think of the best way to form the structure, and making sure it is secure and stable. We really enjoyed ourselves and felt happy that we could help to raise funds for Metta in this most meaningful way as well as help break a Guinness World Record," said Mr Yong of JJC.

"To us, this project has an added significance as the dumplings were wrapped with four different colours to represent the differrent races of Singapore," explained Mr Yong.

By 5 pm, a total of 13,192 rice dumplings were used to form the one-metre tall structure with sides 3.88m by 3.69m by 3.62m. The crowds broke into louds cheers as the Mayor of Central Signapore CDC, Heng Chee How, gamely placed the final four rice dumplings onto the structure.

The dumplings were later distributed to charity homes in the Central Singapore District and given out to Central CDC residents. The event was very well received by the public and local media - it was reported in many newspapers and television news.

- Adapted from Metta News, September 2003 No.19, MITA(P) No. 126/07/2003

View Report from Guinness World Records' Website

The Boys' Brigade in Singapore - BB Sharity Gift Box

  The Sharity Gift Box is an annual event that is organised and managed by The Boys' Brigade, and sponsored by a few generous spirited corporations, including Goh Joo Hin Pte Ltd. The event has been catering foodstuff to the needy for the past 15 years. The BBSGB reaches out to beneficiaries from the Public Assistance clubs and residents' committee offices all around Singapore by collecting gifts for the less fortunate in the community. More than 2,000 BB Boys are mobilised to collect, sort, pack and deliver gifts over 2 weeks during the season of Christmas. The Sharity Gift Box theme is 'Have a heart, share a gift.'

The objectives of The Sharity Gift Box are as follows: To collect gifts for the less fortunate in Singapore during the Christmas season, to inculcate the spirit of community services among Boys' Brigade members and to promote the spirit of community service among Boys' Brigade members and to promote the spirit of caring and sharing among our fellow country men.

The beneficiaries of the event include : About 250,000 needy and disadvantaged individuals under the Social Welfare Ministry, approximately 70 social welfare agencies, more than 1,500 needy families receiving Public Assistance.

Goh Joo Hin Pte Ltd has been contributing cash and products for several years running and will continue to do so for the years ahead. Goh Joo Hin Pte Ltd wishes for the annual event to be successful and always well received.