Shanghai Maling

Shanghai Maling Aquarius Co., Ltd. is a listed company established in June 1997. The company's business scope includes asset management, electronic commerce, information acquisition, information processing, information dissemination, economic information services, food, tinplate, food raw materials, metal printing, chemical raw materials (except dangerous goods), food machinery and parts, domestic trade (except for special provisions), self-and agent import and export of various commodities and technologies, except for state limited or prohibited import and export of goods and technology.  

"Maling" brand of canned luncheon meat has won the State Quality Silver Award three times and International Exposition. "Maling" brand luncheon meat, tomato sauce, rice pudding, ham, canned products have attained the title of Shanghai Famous Brand consecutively. "Maling" brand was recognized as a continuous Shanghai famous trademark, the company has been recognized as "Shanghai key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization."

"Maling" brand canned food, spices, selling domestic products are sold in Asia, Europe and dozens of countries and regions, but also the domestic point of sale all over except Taiwan, province, municipalities, autonomous regions and municipalities. Company strictly adhere to food safety regulations, brand reputation is extremely important, and the company is extremely commited to corporate responsibility.

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