Mili is a canned food product line managed and distributed by Goh Joo Hin Pte Ltd. It offers consumers a wide variety of canned foods in 6 broad product categories namely fruits, vegetables, vegetarian, meat, seafood and sauces.

Mili has a dynamic and broad brand portfolio and architecture that is responsive to the busy lifestyle and constantly changing cooking needs of today's consumers. It has an extensive range of 63 ingredient products and recipes which will continue to expand at a rate of 4 lines a year to meet consumers' needs and stay ahead of competitors.

Mili is presently registered and protected in 17 markets that include Brunei, Cambodia, China, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korean, Malaysia, Myanmar, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Republic of China (Taiwan), Thailand and Vietnam.

Brand Vision

Mili aspires to be a successful Global Brand with its roots in Asia. Firstly, Mili wants to be the Number one brand in Singapore and other markets where it is available. Mili strives to be a brand that can transcend all markets and culture. It will achieve this by providing its customers with the widest selection and best quality household food products and ingredients that are delicious, simple and convenient to use and value-for-money.

Brand Mission

Mili seeks to be a brand that exudes reliability, versatility and value for money. It aims to be a trusted and helpful humble cooking companion to all families, by growing together with them as they progress economically and socially, and bringing families closer whilst satisfying their palates. To success, Mili should understand Asian cultural and racial diversity and have a commitment to deliver consistent values regardless of the market differences.

Brand Promise

Mili promises to serve its customers honestly and to deliver true value to enable families to enjoy the best without compromising on quality, taste, effort, time and cost. Mili promises to be responsive to its customers' changing and growing needs tirelessly and competitively so families can enjoy a delicious meal together anytime.