Founded in 1954, Xiamen Gulong Canned Food Co., Ltd (former name: Xiamen Cannery) is a wholly owned subsidiary and the core of Xiamen Gulong Group Co., Ltd. Located in Gulong Industrial Park – the large canned food research and production base equipped with advanced facilities, full varieties of canned products, and beautiful environment. Covering a total land area of 280,000 m2and totally investing 300 million, Gulong Industrial Park which is designed according to sustainable development principles now is praised as the nonesuch of recycling economy in canned food industry.

Since “Gulong” brand created in 1994, Gulong has been firmly sticking to brand development strategy, believing that market is the inexhaustible profit source to the enterprise and insisting on high quality and best service to gain the customers and meat the customers’ requirement. It is covering 5 product series (including stewed pork, pork luncheon meat, aquatics, fruits and vegetables) with totally more than 100 items available. Moreover, it provides 3 seasoning series including soy sauce(made in a traditional way), salted black beans and bean paste, etc., with totally more than 30 items. Now it is the only one in China canned food industry who has won the 3 top state honors including Chinese Export Brand, China Top Brand and Renowned Chinese Trademark.

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