New Moon

New Moon is a canned food product line managed and distributed by Goh Joo Hin Pte Ltd. New Moon has built a strong brand portfolio and architecture that responds creatively to the changing lifestyle needs of consumers. It consists of 4 broad product categories, focused on the platform of exotic seafood choices. New Moon's product range includes abalone, other shellfish, soups, and sauces. Its corporate products and service brands are registered and protected in 17 markets which includes Argentina, Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Myanmar, Peru, Philippines, Malaysia/Sarawak, Singapore, Republic of China(Taiwan) and Vietnam.

According to AC Nielsen Surveys conducted between 1999 and 2011, New Moon is the Number 1 Best Selling Abalone Brand in Singapore for thirteen consecutive years - 1999 to 2011. New Moon has also won the Superbrands Award 2002-2004, Singapore Promising Brand Award 2003-2005, Singapore Promising Brand Award - Heritage Brand Award, Singapore Packaging Star Award 2004-2008 & 2010 and Asia Star Packaging Award 2005-2007.

The flagship product of New Moon is abalone. New Moon offers four types of abalone from four different countries to meet the various market needs in taste, texture as well as price. The most exclusive abalone range is from Mexico, the premium range hails from Australia, New Zealand supplies the best selling flagship abalone.

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Brand Vision

New Moon strives to maintain the Number 1 position in every category it competes in and aspires to be a global brand with its roots in Singapore. The brand aims to serve all consumers in their moments of enjoyment with their family and friends with top quality seafood for all occasions - from the most exquisite dining to the most humble family gathering.

Brand Mission

New Moon's success is built on a deep understanding, anticipation and meeting of the changing expectations and needs of its consumers' tastes and lifestyles. The foundation of its future growth lies in its deep roots in Singapore's local culture, and the trust and loyalty cultivated with its customers. To achieve long term success, New Moon will make a commitment to meet high standards of product quality, service performance and productivity to bring about consistent values and gain a competitive advantage

Brand Promise

New Moon promises to be a family friend to its customers, to be always trustworthy, responsible and loyal to its consumers and the people they care about. New Moon endeavours to be responsive to its customers' needs, by being creative and competitive.