H2 Clean Energy is a wholly owned subsidiary of H2 Energy Holdings Pte Ltd. H2 Clean Energy, using environmentally friendly products, aims to achieve significant cost savings and provide service excellence to our valued customers.

Our dedication to continuous innovation and improvement has resulted in a revolutionary product named BMES-H2 Carbon Catalyzed Liquid. Interest in renewable and eco friendly energy sources has grown significantly over the years and we recognize the increasing crucial role that low carbon technologies will play in the future. BMES-H2 is a product that can be added into an existing heating infrastructure or added into the design for a facility or major refurbishment.

Biomass is a renewable energy source made of biological, carbon neutral material that is derived from living or recently living organisms. Biomass is often used to generate heat or electricity. Industrial biomass can be grown from various plants such as willow, eucalyptus and sugar cane etc. Biomass can be converted to useful energy via various conversion technologies such as thermal, chemical and biochemical methods.

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